What Everyone Is Saying About Our Strive Pack

We’re proud of our nootropic supplements at Neurogenika, because not only are they effective, they’re an all-natural, vegan-friendly, GMO-free product that truly unleashes your fullest cognitive potential.

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much though, so we thought we’d let our beloved customers do the talking!

Ronny says our Revive formula is “effective, I definitely feel a difference in sleep. I fall asleep faster, it’s not a dramatic effect as it’s all natural, I feel better the next morning and not drowsy at all.”

Pete says Neurogenika is “worth every penny,” adding “these supplements work wonderfully! I have felt much less anxious, I have more energy and I am sleeping better. I also feel more vibrant post-exercise rather than worn out.”

Our nootropics are undeniably turning out incredible results. Nuher says “After taking Neurogenika I have experienced heightened levels of mental efficiency at work; my work requires dealing with financial models and high-level strategic decisions. I have noticed my focus and concentration has definitely improved. My sleep has definitely improved after taking Revive; I wake up feeling fresh and feel it greatly helps fight fatigue and tiredness. Neurogenika is an amazing product.”

Our Strive pack contains all the nutrients you could ever need to give your brain everything it deserves. From our Thrive formula that allows your brain to develop its cognitive function, to Survive and Revive which, respectively, protect your brain from age-related cognitive decline while reducing blood glucose and oxidative stress, and allow your brain to recover, revive and refresh while you sleep better, deeper and healthier.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers for your continued support. We wish you all the best in achieving a happy, healthy brain.

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