How to get started with Nootropics

If you could take a tablet that has all the nutrients your brain needs to help you find your fullest cognitive potential, making you more creative, focused and intelligent, would you take it?

Here at Neurogenika, we’ve figured out how to feed your brain everything it needs. So we have packaged it all together in our three formulas Survive, Revive and Thrive

If you’d like to find out more about what a nootropic supplement is, and how it works, read on!

What is a nootropic?

This broad-ranging term refers to ingredients that enhance your cognitive function. They supply your brain with all the right nutrients that allow it to develop and fulfil its fullest potential. B vitamins, creatine and more are all nootropics, which you can consume more of through a neurogenic diet.

Your IQ isn’t going to double, they aren’t going to make you Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless’, but they will enhance your neurochemistry so your cognitive performance is firing on all gears.

Building solid foundations

Before taking Neurogenika’s nootropics, it’s good to start with some solid foundations. Does your diet provide you with all the right nutrients? Are you eating the top brain food on a regular basis? If you answered no, then try looking into what kind of foods can help give your cognitive abilities an extra boost. 

Sleep to grow and protect your brain

Our Revive formula contains ingredients and amino acids that enhance your sleep quality, and without high-quality sleep, our brains cannot function at full capacity. Sleep offers our brain time to rest, recover, clear out its junk box and consolidate new information. Sleep deprivation is linked to a number of issues too, such as weight gain, stress and diabetes.

So, anything you can do or take to improve your quality of sleep is a step in the right direction, for health inside and out.

Take a look at our Revive formula, which contains the essential Glycine, L-Theanine and L-Ornithine amino acids, to help you sleep and therefore reach your fullest cognitive potential.

Brain fertilizers

In a nutshell, nootropics enhance and encourage neurogenesis, the birth of new brain cells. By doing so, not only can we avoid age-related cognitive decline, but our brains can grow larger, denser and smarter, encouraging the learning and memory sectors of our brain to develop.

To find out more about the Neurogenika range, take a look at our products online, where you can find all the information, ingredients and clinical trials to support our nootropics effectiveness.

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