Plant Showdown: Fruit vs Vegetables

“Eat your fruit and vegetables, you’ll grow up big and strong,” seems to be the mantra of all childhood tea times. There’s no escaping that fruit and veg are packed with vital nutrients that aid a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but just how nutritionally balanced are the two?

At Neurogenika, we like to dig down to the root of these types of debates. Our argument and diet suggest a modest intake of fruit. Why? Because when we understand what is truly good for our body, vegetables take pride of place every time.

Vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli and asparagus, to name a few, are higher in vital vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin E, contain less sugar than fruit and, on average, contain more fibre.

Regardless of how healthy fruit can be for our body, a 400g fruit salad from a grocery store contains 40g of sugar in it - 5g more than a can of coke!

The Science

Based on data we analysed at Neurogenika, selecting 15 of the most popular fruits and 20 of the most eaten vegetables, using USDA Food Composition acquired data, our 100g portions of fruit and vegetables have been tested to prove what we should really aim to consume.


Vegetables are a nutritional powerhouse. Providing a better overall range of vitamins and minerals means you receive more of the key nutrients we need to maintain a healthy body, inside and out.

All in moderation

Don’t get us wrong: fruit isn’t all bad for you, and it’s a far better sugary substitute to that can of Coke. Much like a small slice of cake, fruit is delicious - and in moderation, fruit could become your new way of treating yourself for dessert.

Our appetite is finite, so don’t waste what you consume on food that is not as nutritionally dense as it could be. Vegetables are better for your brain and your body and offer so much more to your diet. Please, enjoy the succulent summer strawberries - but not until your heart's content. If you’re a big fruit eater but are struggling to lose weight, you may have just found out why.

We hope you found that information helpful. To help build a better, healthier brain, check out our nootropic supplements here.

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