Eat For a Better Brain With The Neurogenic Diet

If you’d like to improve your brain’s performance, delivering full potential while protecting cognitive decline, then The Neurogenic Diet can help.

Based on scientific research, The Neurogenic Diet creates the nutritional blueprint to providing optimal cognitive function and long-term brain health.

The Neurogenic Diet aims to:

  • Give you more mental and physical energy
  • Enhance your memory
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Eliminate brain fog
  • Help you sleep better
  • Improve your mood
  • Keep your brain in shape into your older years
  • Reduce cravings and promote weight loss if you’re overweight

By consuming key nutrients such as DHA, polyphenols, B Vitamins and more, you can find that your sugar levels may lower, your energy levels will balance out, inflammation will reduce, and the brain-gut balance will be optimised by enhancing microbiome diversity.

To get stuck in with a the Neurogenika-approved diet, try eating things like fish (especially fatty cold-water fish like salmon), green leafy vegetables, olive oil, berries, avocados, nuts, eggs, and legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils are all great options).



These power up your brain and provide the nutrients it needs to perform at it’s very best. Foods to avoid include anything processed, high in sugar and high in saturated fat, as they can all add to brain-damaging inflammation. The Neurogenic Diet is low in sugar, and helps minimise inflammation.

By eating natural, organic produce, you can also avoid industrial chemicals, as well as consuming the most from these nutrient-rich foods.

Aim to eat in moderation generally, but where you consume more should be with the foods that offer as much nutritional support as possible. You can ‘save’ your appetite for really nutritious foods, and you’ll find it will be very difficult to overeat the core Neurogenic foods because they are so high in healthy, unsaturated fats.

A good rule of thumb to follow is:

  • Green vegetables: unlimited, liberally dressed with olive oil
  • Animal protein: two handfuls per day (predominantly seafood). This is less than many non-vegetarians are used to, but it is adequate to deliver the required B vitamins and amino acids without raising mTOR and IGF. Eat fish more than meat and poultry more often than red meat.
  • Legumes: one handful per day
  • Other starchy carbs: one handful per day (rice, potatoes, pasta, whole grains)
  • Berries: one handful per day (preferably blueberries)
  • Avocados: one fruit per day
  • Other fruit: up to one handful per day as desired
  • Nuts: one handful per day
  • Eggs: 1–2 per day

The Neurogenic Diet is based on the latest research into nutrition, cognition and longevity. Specifically, the diet is reverse-engineered to provide an abundant supply of the nutrients known to be associated with optimal cognitive function, while restricting negative factors like sugar and saturated fat.

Don’t forget,  taking our nootropic supplements - like our Strive Pack - alongside the Neurogenic Diet will also ensure that your brain is firing on all cylinders.

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