Why you should take Nootropics by Neurogenika

Want to allow your brain to reach its fullest potential? Neurogenika is here to help.

Neurogenika is a nootropic supplement brand that focuses on improving cognitive performance, protecting the brain and enhancing brain recovery with our three formulas - Thrive, Survive and Revive.

But, why take Neurogenika? Here are three reasons why you should consider adding our supplements into your daily routine:

Let your brain thrive.

Give cognitive function and mental performance a boost. The ingredients in our Thrive formula have been shown to enhance working memory, mental speed, attention, and mental stamina. Not only this, but our all-natural, vegan-friendly formula also mitigated the anti-cognitive effects of stress and fatigue.

Click here to read all about the clinical trials, ingredients, and how to take Thrive.

The foundation for superior cognitive function.

You want to have a brain that stands the test of time, right? Our Survive blend increases brain-derived neurotrophic facts (BDNF) and promotes new neuron generation and survival, which is key to maintaining a healthy and strong brain.

By taking Survive, you can also reduce blood glucose and oxidative stress, thanks to our GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly natural blend.

Click here to find out more about Survive, including clinical trials, the ingredients and how to take.

Rest and reset, night after night.

Proven to enhance sleep quality and efficiency, as well as reducing the time to sleep, our Revive formula reduced next-day fatigue and improved cognitive function like all of our nootropic blends. More importantly, they’ve been demonstrated to be non-sedative, so they are safe for regular use. 

By reaching sleep more quickly, our formula aims to make you more refreshed and energised when you wake up - even if you are running on limited time!

Click here for everything you need to know about Revive, including information about clinical trials, the ingredients, and how to take.

All of Neurogenika’s nootropic supplements can be taken individually or as a complete package. We aim to provide you with access to the finest and most natural nutrients to help you reclaim your brain, making it strong and healthy.

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