Our Story

Neurogenika exists because we wanted to use these products. But nobody else was making them. Why was that? We couldn’t understand it.

Doesn’t everyone want high-quality supplements that actually work, at a reasonable price? That’s before we learnt the ins and outs of how the supplement industry really works. And that’s when we realized…

Neurogenika would be a very different type of supplement company.

A company based on scientifically proven formulas, high-quality ingredients and exceptional customer service. Not a marketing machine pumping out ineffective products to unsuspecting, soon-to-be disappointed buyers.

Some people said we were crazy to do things differently. But we did it anyway. You can see some of the differences below. We hope you’ll agree that our “unconventional” way of doing things – focusing on quality, efficacy and safety – makes a lot of sense.

How We're Different:

They say: "more is better"

Most supplement companies sell formulas with 10, 20 or more ingredients. This gives the impression that the formula must be really precisely engineered and well thought out. But, on closer inspection, the majority of these substances have no scientific evidence to support their usage. And they’re probably only in the product because they’re cheap, and they add numbers to the ingredients list on the label. It’s just a marketing gimmick.

We say: "only what works"

Our formulas were built on a thorough review of the published clinical research. We just wanted to use what was proven to work in repeated, high-quality clinical trials. It turned out there aren’t many substances that fit the bill. So our formulas only contain three ingredients. We have no problem adding ingredients in the future – if the research is there to support them. For now, we’ll stick with what works and exclude what doesn’t.

They say: "style over substance"

A lot of ingredients come in multiple forms. Most supplement companies like to use the cheapest form, hoping that their customers won’t know the difference. This is particularly prevalent with herbal ingredients. Root powders are cheap but ineffective. But you can still put the name of the herb on the label, and that’s all the matters. They’re relying on the name recognition of the ingredient, rather than using the highest quality version.

We say: "nothing but the best"

Because we only want formulas that are proven to work, we use the same form of ingredients as studied in the clinical trials. For herbal ingredients, that means using standardized extracts containing specific quantities of the active compounds. These ingredients cost us significantly more than root powders. But we only want to use the stuff that really works.

They say: "use decorative dosages"

You may have heard that a particular substance has certain benefits – for example, Bacopa and better working memory. But you may not know what dosage you need to take to get those benefits. Most supplement makers exploit this to include sub-effective, decorative doses in their formulas. That way they can save money on manufacturing their products and fill the rest of the capsule with cheaper “filler” ingredients. Or thin air.

We say: "use effective dosages"

Our formulas include the clinically effective dosage that’s been demonstrated to work in research trials. No more, and certainly no less, than is required to gain all the proven benefits associated with any particular ingredient. It’s really that simple.

They say: "use proprietary blends"

Another way of getting away with subeffective dosages is to simply not disclose the amounts on the label (yes, this is legal). Supplement companies say it’s their “proprietary blend”, like it’s top secret, commercially sensitive information. This promotes the idea that their formula is so uniquely special that they couldn’t possibly reveal what’s in it. But it’s usually a marketing trick to get away with selling poor quality formulas for unfair prices.

We say: "100% transparency"

You should know exactly what you’re putting into your body. That means the ingredient and the dosage. We don’t believe it’s ethical to hide away the details of a formula in a “proprietary blend”. If a competitor sees our formula and decides to copy it, then that’s a risk we have to take. We’ll take it as a compliment!

They say: "so long as it's legal"

The supplier in China says the products aren’t contaminated, so why bother double checking? Running Certifcate of Analysis testing is expensive and not legally required, so most supplement companies don’t bother. These products can end up contaminated with things like heavy metals, or worse, banned substances that accidentally got mislabeled at the warehouse.

We say: "go above and beyond"

Quality and safety is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we go to great lengths to source the best quality ingredients and why we do all our manufacturing in the UK in GMP, ISO 9001 and SALSA certified facilities. It’s our way of making sure you only get the safest, purest products on the market.

They say: "just trust us"

Because of the light regulation applied to supplements in most countries, manufacturers can get away with making all sorts of unverified claims about the benefits of their products. Their formula might include substances that haven’t been proven to work, or even that have proven NOT to work.

We say: "here's the proof"

We only use substances that have been investigated in clinical trials, and all the benefits we report are backed up (right here on our site) to the relevant journal articles. It’s not unreasonable to expect people to back up what they say with hard data, is it?

They say: "it's all about the marketing"

Obviously, when you produce low quality products that cost very little to make, you can make a lot of money. And you can spend that money on heaps of paid advertising, celebrity endorsements and other expensive brand-building strategies. The product may not be that great, which means fewer repeat customers. But if the marketing system’s good enough, they’ll always be another first-time buyer coming along soon.

We say: "it's all about our customers"

Our customers keep coming back to us month after month – because they can’t find products this good anywhere else. Our business depends on this customer loyalty which is why we had to build the best product possible and sell it for a fair price. Our profit margins simply aren’t high enough to pay for celebrities to promote the brand. 


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