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  • The developer of proven, safe, natural cognition-enhancing nutritional supplements
  • Science-first approach with formulas based on independent placebo-controlled clinical trials
  • All products manufactured in the UK to the highest safety and quality control standards
  • Committed to acting in accordance with our core values at all times

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Our Mission:

To help people maximize their cognitive abilities. Why? So they can achieve more for themselves and for society. Life is better when your brain is firing on all cylinders. And the world needs exceptional minds to solve its greatest challenges. By taking people from good to great, our products can play a small role in that process.

Our values:

Our Beliefs:

Cognitive function matters

This isn’t just about professional success and the rewards that come with that. It’s also about living a life of achievement and enjoyment. Everything you experience, you experience through your brain. Life is better when that brain is optimized with the right inputs

Brain health is the new frontier for wellness

Physical exercise is now ubiquitous in our culture. Running makes your heart stronger. Lifting weights grows muscle mass. But your IQ is no more fixed than your VO2max or the size of your bicep. You can build a better brain. And you should.

Good work is hard work

It demands your full cognitive abilities. When the going gets tough, what do you turn to? Coffee and energy drinks? We can do better than that. With the right inputs, your brain can run better. And when your brain runs better, you create more value for yourself and for others.

The world needs smart people

We have some problems to solve. From curing disease and reducing poverty, to identifying sustainable sources of food and energy – some great challenges lie ahead. And great challenges require great minds.



“The day will come when human augmentation becomes the norm. Microchip implants aren’t available yet, but we don’t have to wait to upgrade our cognitive function. Dietary inputs from food or supplements can significantly impact your cognitive output. Nootropics sound pretty cool, but I would advise anyone to be sceptical of some of the more outlandish claims you’ll see on the internet. Neurogenika was founded on the backbone of scientific research. We saw too many companies led by marketing tactics rather than scientific evidence. So we decided to do things differently.”
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