The ingredients, quantities and concentrations in THRIVE are proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how these compounds were tested and what the results showed.

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Five separate clinical studies have established Bacopa’s significant impact on working memory and consolidation of new information. Studies employed a range of methodologies to assess participants’ ability to accurately acquire, retain and rapidly recall new information.

Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT)

AVLT is a word list learning test assessing various aspects of working memory. Four separate studies have employed the AVLT method to demonstrate that Bacopa supplementation significantly improves working memory compared to placebo.

Bacopa AVLT Total Learning AbsoluteBacopa AVLT Delayed Recall Relative

Source: Morgan et al (2010Calabrese et al (2008)

Delayed Recall Word Pair Test

Tests subjects’ ability to recall unrelated word pairs after a short delay. The test measures the subjects’ ability to accurately retain and recall new information. Subjects in the Bacopa group improved their scores significantly more than those in the placebo group.

Bacopa Delayed Recall Test Absolute

Source: Roodenrys et al (2002)

Visual Working Memory Test

Subjects are briefly shown an image. Subsequent versions of the image are either the same or different in some respect. Subjects must determine whether the subsequent images are a match or not. The test measures the subjects’ ability to accurately retain new visually acquired information. Subjects in the Bacopa group improved their scores significantly more than those in the placebo group.

Bacopa Visual Working Memory Realtive 

Source: Stough et al (2008)

mental speed:

Two separate clinical studies have demonstrated Bacopa’s significant impact on mental speed. Studies employed different methodologies: the Inspection Time test and the Stroop Task.

Inspection Time Test

Tests subjects’ speed to process visual information quickly and accurately. IT scores are generally correlated with IQ. Following supplementation, subjects in the Bacopa group reduced their test scores (i.e. scored quicker times) significantly more than those in the placebo group.

Bacopa Inspection Test Relative

Source: Stough et al (2001)


Stroop Task

Subjects are repeatedly shown names of colours printed in a different colour (e.g. the word “blue” printed in red) and must respond with the print colour (i.e.. the correct answer is “red”, not “blue”). Quicker responses lead to lower test scores. Subjects in the Bacopa group showed a significant improvement in response times following supplementation.

Bacopa Stroop Task Absolute

Source: Calabrese et al (2008)



Four separate clinical studies have demonstrated Rhodiola’s significant impact on cognitive function in the presence of fatigue. Similarly, four separate studies have shown Ashwagandha’s mitigating effect on stress, an impairer of optimal cognitive function.

Conners' Continuous Performance Test (CCPTII)

CCPTII is a computerized visual response test used to measure attention across a number of different metrics. Fatigued subjects in the Rhodiola group significantly improved both the accuracy (measured by omissions) and speed (measured by response time variability) of their test performance compared to the placebo group.

Rhodiola CCPTII Omission RelativeRhodiola CCPTII Variability Relative

Custom Anti-Fatigue Index

The authors of a 2003 study devised a series of tests to assess subjects’ cognitive function against a background of fatigue and stress. Subjects in the Rhodiola group significantly improved their attention and accuracy test scores (reduced number of errors) and improved their overall anti-fatigue index scores.

Rhodiola Attention Accuracy RelativeRhodiola Total Anti Fatigue

Source: Shevstov et al (2003)

Self-Report Surveys (Rhodiola)

As well as collecting objective data from cognitive testing, studies have also provided subjects with surveys to assess their feelings of fatigue before and after treatment. In two studies, Rhodiola has significantly outperformed placebo in reducing self-reported symptoms of fatigue.

Rhodiola Pines AbsoluteRhodiola Fatigue Survey Relative

Source: Olsson et al (2009)Spasov et al (2000)

Self-Report Surveys (Ashwagandha)

Using the Hamilton Scale, subjects rate themselves on a 5-point scale for 12 different symptoms of stress (e.g. forgetfulness, fatigue, inability to concentrate). The Perceived Stress Scale is a similar survey involving 10 different indicators of stress. In studies, Ashwagandha group subjects have shown significant reduction in stress scale scores.

Similar results have been observed using the GHQ-28 and DASS stress surveys.

Ashwagandha Hamilton RelativeAshwagandha Perceived Stress

Source: Auddy et al (2008)Chandrasekhar et al (2012)




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